3 Reasons Outsourcing Sales is a Bad Idea

Vanessa Marie
3 min readNov 23, 2020


Some financial marketing companies love to sell how easy their processes are.

How the leads (they’re selling you) are ‘hot and ready’ to buy.
All you have to do is follow their 13 steps.

While there will be people ready to buy today, most are not.

This is not because you didn’t follow every single step the FMO recommends.

It’s because leads are people and at different stages of the buying process.

Emails, texts, voicemail drops are all very crafty & handy tech tools.
That help you catch your buyer throughout your funnels.

However, you are still interacting with a real person.

The more effective you are at:

  • speaking with the prospect
  • asking the right questions
  • understanding the HUMAN
  • getting a timeframe or their commitment level

the better you will be at the sale.

1. you are the Financial advisor — you have to be the expert

People buy from people they like.
People buy from people they trust.
People buy from people.

If you expect the technology to do the work for you, then you’re not going converting the way you should.

If you believe all you have to do is use the templated email your FMO is telling you to use, then you’re discounting all that goes into selling/buying.

Your clients & prospects want to know you can handle their needs and are qualified above all else.

Furthermore, you will not earn what the top earners do.

Sales is still a skill.
Sales is still about knowing why people buy.
Sales is still about you being good at what you do.

Quit deferring your sales to someone or something else.
You are the business owner & the sales professional.

2. Nobody will care more about Your Business than you and nobody should be better at it than you.

You can outsource appointment setting.
You can automate repetitive tasks.
But sales is your arena. Client acquisition is your area of expertise.

If you are not willing to: do the work, ask the right questions and truly get to what is important to your prospect — you may as well send your leads to Vanguard or some other Robo-advisor.

Whether you are buying financial leads, getting referrals or marketing to your email list — know what you want to accomplish.

Questions to Answer Before Executing A Business Development Strategy

  1. What is the purpose of this Action?
  2. To make an introduction?
  3. See if they are qualified for your services?
  4. Start the sales process?
  5. To collect a decision?
  6. Stay present & top of mind?

Knowing the answers to these questions will not only help you use your time wisely (on phone, email, in-person, etc.), it will also give you a more realistic expectation.

Which in turn, minimizes your frustration and increases your effectiveness.

When you know why you are doing something, you will also be better at framing it for your prospect or client.

3. You will Not know what is working (or not working)

When you are engaging your prospect directly, you will get more feedback.

When you outsource sales, you are in the dark.

Being responsible for client acquisition allows you to improve results and identify issues.

You will be on the same page.
Your buyers will know what you expect.
And will know you mean business (or not).

Either way, it is up to you to manage expectations for you & your clients.
The better you do this, the better the outcome & experience for everyone.

The more you understand your business, your prospect & what works, the more you will thrive in the new economy.



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