Don’t Be A Financial “Robo” Advisor

Vanessa Marie
3 min readJun 23, 2020


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During today’s unprecedented times, more people at home and “Scams” on the rise for your financial clients & prospects; how you reach out to them matters.

Probably more so than ever.

Technology is amazing. It makes our lives easier. It helps us be more efficient.

We can connect with clients quicker and more conveniently than just a few years ago (let alone 10 years).

But that also means people are being spammed or scammed in ways that were not available before.

It makes reaching your financial leads and prospects more challenging too.

So while AI and software are smart ways to save time or bypass
repetitive work for Solo Financial advisors, they’re not always the most effective.

It’s important for you not To be a “Robo” Financial Advisor.

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Today your prospect is dealing with more robo-dialers, spam emails and random calls than ever before.

This applies to your existing clients as well.

They don’t want to be bombarded with another pitch.

You must get creative to get their attention.
But you MUST also still be human.

When Prospecting or Contacting Your Clients — Don’t DO This

The other day, I had a Linkedin connection (someone I know),
reach out to me and offer their services/free consultation.

I politely declined and in my response CLEARLY, and stated I would reach out in the future should my needs change.

Their response was:

“No problem at all. I’ll set a reminder to follow up with you then…”


A clear indicator to me — the reply was either auto-generated or the sender was completely ignoring my request.

Either way, it was not successful in achieving their goal of getting an appointment, OR even leaving the door open for future engagement.

In fact, it had quite the opposite effect…

I discontinued the connection and would not do business with this vendor in the future.

People, whether instinctively or through firsthand experience, know when you are a bot.

They can tell when you are not listening.
They can tell when you’re only trying to sell.

Don’t spam.
And more than anything do not automate & ignore what people are telling you.

If your marketing message is not something you control or can modify based on THEIR response, then just don’t do it.

You can lose a potential prospect & offend existing clients.

So whether you are cold-calling, or contacting your ‘warm’ market, keep this in mind.

They will not call you back unless YOU have done a good job of getting passed their red flags or created enough value for them.

You can overcome their first objection ( are you a scam or spam-bot??), by making a live phone call or having your assistant do it for you.

Almost daily, people tell me “I wasn’t going to pick up, because I thought it was another ROBO call”.

This means if you are buying leads, and sending them generic emails or not calling them to introduce yourself, you are throwing money down the drain.

Valuable work like this is being automated and regardless of what automation apps or AI companies tell you, people connect with people.

Your Prospects want to know you are a real person too.

Too much automation and thinking the technology will do the connecting (and selling) for you, is forgetting something timeless…

People do business with people they like & trust. Not with robots. 🤷‍♀️

If your client didn’t need to hear or voice or feel you cared, they would not have chosen you.

Don’t be a Robo Financial Advisor.

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