How To Use Human Nature to “Hack” LinkedIn’s Algorithm

Vanessa Marie
4 min readMay 14, 2019

Inspired from a recent post by Richard Moore about the LinkedIn Algorithm.

I wanted to elaborate on a point he made.

One that’s applicable to LinkedIn Users; regardless of your niche or position.

“Posting and ignoring engagement means expecting content to magically go viral…You need to do more!”

We’ve all seen the complaints around the Algorithm.

People saying their views and engagement are down. 📉📉📉

But then publish posts periodically and “run” regularly.

In other words…

Create Content and Then Don’t Engage with Commenters

This is something I see often.

Even from LinkedIn Influencers creating quality content with large followings.

Some of us use automation tools like HootSuite or PostFifty to time our posts. Or have social media managers publishing content.

It’s efficient. I get it.

But this could be hurting the purpose of the post.

If we’re failing to capitalize on connecting with our audience, we can’t blame the algorithm.

While I'm not claiming to be a LI expert -I can say I'm highly-skilled and adept in Human + Relationship Sales.

Having successfully sold anything and everything I’ve ever chosen to sell.

Consistently been a top-producer in multiple industries.

I’ve done it with integrity and by putting my clients first

My point in sharing is not to brag.

It’s to provide reference.

Whether it’s selling your own product/service OR working for someone else; it all starts with the relationship.

We are all people.

If someone is giving you their attention, they want to know they are getting something of value in return.

With content — they want to know if it’s interesting? informative? inspiring?

With a product or service, it has to be worth the money they’re exchanging for it.

Sometimes this value is logical.

Most times it’s emotional.

Regardless of what it is, NONE of this happens if they don’t like or trust you first.

Most have heard the Sales Idiom: People buy from people they like”.

Just because someone leaving a comment is not buying your product or service today. Doesn’t mean it’s not a valuable relationship to invest in.

Never discount:

  1. They could send referrals your way.
  2. They could help spread your message to their network.
  3. They could potentially buy from you down the road.

If you don’t take the time to create a relationship, you will miss out on any of the above happening.

Nurture Your Network.

Not just for sales + business, but because they are people.

These people are helping your content/message/brand get seen.

Relationships can lead to revenue.

But first show them you care, not simply for gain.

But because you do.

And for goodwill too!

According to a recent LinkedIn Engagement Survey by Roger Wilkerson

  • Only 33% of the participants engaged in other people’s posts — to promote their business or get a job.
  • This means the other 66% could be commenting simply to help or add value.

If you want to improve the visibility of your content, engage.

Invite your readers to comment.

And when they do — interact!

Your reply is a way of acknowledging and also strengthening that relationship.

When they comment or like your post, your message gets exposed to their network.

And now you’ve been virtually introduced to someone new. 😉

So while Algorithms will always change — people are people.


Examples of a Few #LinkedIn Content Creators Doing it Right

Above Post:

Over 9K views

338 Reactions


Above Post:

More than 20K views

547 Reactions


Above Post:

Over 3.9 K Views

313 Reactions + 133 Comments

Above Post:

872 Reactions


It’s not just about the Size of your Network — It’s what You do with your Connections.

These individuals not only create useful content, they also ‘babysit’ their posts.

Nurture relationships, and engage with the people commenting on their post.

It’s not Rocket Science.

It’s Human.

And it works!



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