Why Your Clients Are A Gold Mine

Vanessa Marie
2 min readJul 25, 2020


Aside from it being immensely valuable to maintain relationships with your clients (because they are people) and you’ve worked hard to earn them as clients…

There is money in your book of business.

Some insurance agents and financial advisors get paid monthly or annual commissions.

So the longer the client is with you and your firm, the longer those dividends are paid to you.

This is not news.

Yet most advisors and salespeople are constantly chasing new business.

While this is important, they forget their existing clients are a gold mine.

Client Retention & Referrals

YCharts found that strong communication between advisors and clients is key for retention — 85% of respondents said that communication style would be considered when deciding to retain their advisors. And even more; 88%, said communication would impact whether or not they would refer the advisor’s services to someone else.

Speaking with your clients regularly (and strategically), increases loyalty.

Especially if you are providing them the service or experience they want out of their advisor/client relationship.

I have seen clients with a big or small book of business do wonders with it.

They send mailers quarterly or birthday post cards annually and schedule regular calls with their clients.

They stay present.


And above all, top of mind.

So when life changing situations happen, the advisor is able to address those needs.

Life Changing Situations When Your Clients Need you (more)

  • Term Policy Ending
  • Child going to college
  • Recent Inheritance
  • Divorce
  • Business doing well
  • Health Declining
  • Retirement Approaching
  • Deceased Spouse
  • Estate Plan

Aside from the upsell or cross-selling opportunity, you are truly helping them.

This in turn, strengthens the relationship.

Encourages them to say great things about you.

For them to send referrals.

And ultimately for them to remain your clients.

Benefits of managing your Book of Business well

Your business thrives (regardless of pandemics or outside forces).

Your marketing budget remains manageable.
You increase the LTV of your client
And decrease the attrition rate.

Plus you are working smarter, not harder.

Make more money.
Help your clients better.
Have a life outside of the office

And get this; you get to enjoy your work!

So while it may not be as sexy as closing a newly purchased IUL lead or acquiring a new high net-worth client, there is definitely gold in your existing book of business.

You just have to know how to mine it! 😉

Originally published at https://evolvd.io on July 25, 2020.



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